A Day In the Life Interning For Best.Day.Ever.

As the NCAA basketball season comes to a close, it’s only appropriate that I write my very first blog about my experience working as a Best.Day.Ever host.

This basketball season, I had the opportunity to join Best.Day.Ever. as they regularly hosted guests in a beautiful suite in the JMA Wireless dome. The suite is owned by Adam Weitsman, Syracuse mega-booster and super-fan.

Weitsman is infamous for his sprawling scrap metal empire, his philanthropic efforts, and Syracuse sports. This passion emulates throughout Suite 207 every game day, and it is the role of BDE to optimize this experience. Let me give you a glimpse from my point of view….

On game day, I walk through the doors of Suite 207 in the JMA Wireless Dome. The suite is an experience in itself, as you can see in the video above.

The attendees in Suite 207 are often a diverse group of people from many different walks of life — their variety is even more reason to engage and bring the guests together through some friendly gamification and competition. As guests enter, I make it a point to make them feel welcome and offer to hang their jackets in the coat closet. Once they are settled in, perhaps with a beverage from the upscale open bar, that is when my job as a Best.Day.Ever. host begins — it’s sign-up time!

The objective is to create guest engagement through a unique gamification experience created by BDE. Walking around and sparking conversation with guests, I encourage them to sign up and participate in the game of the night, whether it be “Basketball Bingo”, “Fantasy Pick ‘Em”, “Syracuse Squares”, or another proprietary game.

Scattered throughout the suite are QR codes that grab the attention of guests and make gamification signup easy to access from their personal devices.

After signup, BOOM, the guest’s name pops up on the leaderboard, which is updated in real-time on a large TV in the lounge, also surrounded by a display of prizes. The display of prizes and the real-time leaderboard enhance the friendly competition, incentivizing guests to be more engaged with the game going and in conversation with one another.

Periodically, we announce winners based on where the leaderboard stands. And at halftime, Adam brings up his celebrity guest to grab a bite to eat, who will often try their hand at the contest as well — just yet another special aspect of the Best.Day.Ever.

Once the buzzer sounds at the end of the game, whether ‘Cuse wins or loses, there are always winners in Suite 207. The leading scorers on the leaderboard are congratulated and invited to take their pick from the prize wall. Each winner gets a photo-op with their prize and gets to walk out of the Dome with a rewarding smile.

Throughout the game, I like to take candid photographs that capture the energy of the room. Guests celebrating a big play, picking out their favorite dessert, or simply having a conversation with a newly met kindred spirit are some of my favorites.

Following the game, game participants are emailed the photos that were taken throughout the game, this way they can share with friends and always remember their Best.Day.Ever. experience.

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