Syracuse Football: Gamified

Best.Day.Ever. had the honor of assisting in the kick-off of the first Syracuse Football home game for the 2022-2023 season! The Syracuse Athletic Department’s ‘Cuse Athletic Fund assigned us the task of hosting their donors at an event on the quad before the game. Guests bought tickets to attend and enjoy good food, refreshments, and access to a prime location on campus. BDE was there to enhance their experience with a fun, free game to collect valuable data, boost engagement within the event, and keep them involved until the final whistle.

Game 1: Syracuse Selections – Making Predictions Fun

We offered two live games for guests to enjoy. The first game, Syracuse Selections, was a pick ’em game where guests made predictions about the game to earn points. Questions included: Who will score the first touchdown? How many passing yards will each team have? In this game, we announced a winner for each half.

Game 2: Syracuse Squares – Classic Football Fun

The second game was the classic football squares, known as Syracuse Squares. Each person had the opportunity to choose a random square, and their name appeared on the large screen in the event tent, along with the corresponding scores at kick-off. We announced winners for this game at the end of each quarter.

Collecting Valuable Data: Engaging Participants

To participate in each game, the guests had to fill out a brief questionnaire, providing usable data for our client, including their name, alumni affiliation, email, and interest in receiving more information about luxury suites. This allowed us to contact the winners and provided valuable leads for the ‘Cuse Athletics Fund.

Moreover, we can modify these questions to gather specific data we need from our events. The fact that the games were free to participate in, combined with the attractive prizes on display, incentivized maximum participation and data collection from the crowd.

Boosting Engagement: Interaction and Excitement

Once our guests left the event tent and entered the stadium, our engagement continued to follow them to their seats. Each guest could keep track of the leaderboard by visiting the site on their mobile phones, and we automatically sent an email notifying the winners each quarter.

Celebrating Success: Winners and Results

By the end of the game, we had five thrilled winners who would receive some unique Syracuse-branded gear in the mail. Additionally, we collected 107 unique emails, and 27% of the participants indicated they were alumni of the university, with 15% showing interest in future premium suite rentals. Beyond the numbers, we increased engagement within the tent, providing an opportunity for guests and staff to interact, encourage conversations, and generate excitement for kick-off.

Put Us in, Coach!

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