As businesses across the country return to the office, the need to re-engage with employees and establish a strong work culture has never been more important. Investing in team-building events and activities is more than just a fun thing to consider; it’s a strategic business decision that, if done well, can give your company a competitive edge. Here’s how: 

Increase Employee Engagement

Highly Engaged Business ResultsEmployee engagement drives profits, so creating the right environment for your team to feel as engaged as possible is just good business. Team bonding events offer opportunities for authentic relationships to build, make going to work something to look forward to, provide a sense of belonging, and increase motivation overall. 

Foster Creativity

Sharing ideas can be a vulnerable moment for most people, and the more comfortable a team is together, the more comfortable they will feel openly sharing and collaborating. When ideas and thoughts flow freely, that creates moments for your team to see things from another’s perspective and can inspire some ground-breaking projects or process changes. 

Showcase and Build on Your Team’s Strengths 

Whether you’re attending a cooking class, competing in trivia, attending a workshop, or taking on a problem-solving activity— you can see so many sides to a person when you interact in a different context outside of work. These experiences give your employees a stage to showcase skills they don’t get to flex in their role and give you a complete picture of your team’s abilities. 

An effective team-building event will leave your employees feeling like they gained something— expanded knowledge on a topic, a new skill, or something new they learned about themselves. 

Open Employee Collaboration 

Different departments can unintentionally work in a silo (especially when working remotely). If day-to-day tasks don’t require another department’s input, it can cause collaboration between employees to wane. By regularly incorporating team bonding experiences, you give your departments the chance to come together, learn from each other, and foster a feeling of belonging.

Employee Appreciation 

Your employees represent your company and work every day to further your mission. When you put the effort in to make them feel appreciated, it can re-energize and motivate your team to want to give their best effort. Regular events and activities are a great way to give back for their hard work and dedication. 

Build a Strong Work Culture 

All the points above help lay a strong foundation for your company culture. When your team is happy, it is apparent from the quality of work they produce to the general feeling when you walk into the office. Offering a place where your employees can truly thrive, build relationships and be comfortable in their environment will make all the difference for their success, and yours— and team-building events are a great tool to help you get there. 

Are you ready to increase your employee engagement and give your team the Best.Day.Ever.? Let’s get planning. 

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