How to Measure the Success of Your Corporate Event

So your corporate event has come to an end, the last guest has gone home, there were no significant blunders, and the sentiment seemed great overall. You're feeling pretty good about how it went—but how can you tell if your event was a true success for your business? While you may have a general idea [...]

Why Corporate Events Are Worth the Investment

Corporate events can seem like an expensive venture, and the idea of planning and executing one for your company can often fall to the bottom of your priority list as a marketing professional or business owner. While event planning is time-consuming and may require a chunk of budget upfront, it can serve as a valuable [...]

How Data Can Help You Plan Better Events

Data is the ultimate storyteller, and today you have the opportunity to collect as much as possible at every point of your event. Collecting and analyzing data can help you see patterns you may otherwise have missed, measure your successes, pinpoint pain points, and identify areas for improvement. When it comes to event planning, data [...]


As businesses across the country return to the office, the need to re-engage with employees and establish a strong work culture has never been more important. Investing in team-building events and activities is more than just a fun thing to consider; it's a strategic business decision that, if done well, can give your company a [...]

10 Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Planning corporate events for any important stakeholder can feel overwhelming, especially if this task is not your only job function. Half the battle is finding the right idea that fits your ideal audience and attracts the RSVPs you want. Whether you’re entertaining current clients, potential customers, project funders, or your employees— generating interest and excitement [...]